this much is true

Is it okay to tell a lie? Lisa Simms thinks so. Lisa leaves her small town and moves to the big city to find work and her letters home tell of an ordered life and success at work. The reality, however, is rather different. From crazy days at work, to disappointing love affairs, from dealing with death to discovering love, Lisa takes the reader on a ride of laughter and tears as the fiction of each letter dissolves into the roller coaster of life. this much is true is a romp through the 1980s, about a fish out of water struggling to find her place in the world all while sheltering her parents from the truth.

a few kinds of wrong

Mechanic Jennifer Collins is a woman in a man’s world but since her father’s sudden death her world has been falling apart. Now she’s in a losing battle risking everything to cling to the past while everyone else moves forward. In A Few Kinds of Wrong Tina Chaulk takes us into the garage and tells the poignant story of Jennifer her pain her loves and her coming to terms with reality. Above all this story reminds us that memories – those one cannot forget and others one battles to hold onto – can never be controlled.  

About Tina

Tina lives in Conception Bay South, NL with her husband, two children and an ever-changing number of rescued animals.